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performing arts maestro The performing arts include music, theater, and dance.  The art of music is all about sound.  Its elements include rhythm, pitch, and dynamics, as well as texture and timbre.  Music, as an art, involves musical performances as well as music education and composition.  Musical compositions and performances may be intended for ceremonial or religious purposes; other music is composed simply for entertainment and personal enjoyment.  The art of theater involves actors who perform and play out stories in front of audiences.  Theatrical performances may include dialogue, dance, and sound.  Dramatic plays, ballet performances, and operas are all examples of the performing arts.  The Library of Congress features an online Performing Arts Encyclopedia.

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Musical instruments, used in many artistic performances, are devices that produce musical sounds.  The primary types of musical instruments, based on how they produce sound, are percussion instruments, stringed instruments, and wind instruments.  Many types of musical instruments are used in various cultures throughout the world, but guitars and musical keyboards are the most popular musical instruments in the United States.

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The following websites deal with performing arts subjects and products.

  • Acoustic Guitars
    Guide to acoustic guitars, acoustic bass guitars, and guitar packages.
  • Bass Guitars
    Guide to bass guitars, especially electric basses.
  • Electric Guitars
    Electric guitar guide and guitar manufacturer directory.
  • Guitar Amplifiers
    Guide to guitar amps, reverbs, digital effects, and pro audio equipment.
  • Music Keyboards
    Learn about digital pianos, music synthesizers, and organs.
Our performing arts-related video resources include a musician playing an acoustic guitar and a teacher and student playing a piano duet together.
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