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business meeting Business is an activity or endeavor that is typically pursued as a means of earning a livelihood.  Businesses are commercial or industrial enterprises that produce goods and services.  They trade these products with each other and sell them to customers, using a medium of exchange called money.

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Managing a business today can be a real challenge, especially considering the variety of skills and services that are necessary to start, maintain, and expand a business.  From clerical and accounting skills to legal and marketing services, business owners must decide which activities and tasks to perform in-house and which business services to outsource. features helpful information about launching, managing, or growing a business; and this entrepreneurship guide cites more than 50 helpful resources that can facilitate the job of starting, growing, or running a business.

Starting a new business requires not only knowledge and skill but also a well-thought out business plan, financial backing, and the products and services needed to start the enterprise.  Once the planning is completed and the finances are in place, office or building space needs to be acquired, along with the needed furniture and fixtures.  Maintaining the business may involve replacing inventory and servicing of client accounts.  As the business grows and finances increase, the time may come to expand the business by hiring more employees, adding new product lines, or moving to a larger location.

A business may be established as a sole proprietorship, a partnership, a cooperative, or a corporation.  The type and size of the business, as well as the breadth of ownership, will generally determine which form of business ownership is used.

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Here you will find a broad selection of business service and office product resources for busy executives and administrative staff.

  • Audio Conferencing
    Audio conferencing and web conferencing services and solutions.
  • Business Schools
    Directory of graduate-level business schools in the United States.
  • Business Travel
    Airline tickets, car rentals, hotel reservations, luggage, and travel accessories.
  • Car Rental Companies
    Compare auto rental rates, get quotes, and make reservations.
  • Hotel Reviews
    Compare major US hotels and hotel chains, and make online hotel reservations.
  • International News
    Leading world and national news resources plus business and financial news links.
  • Long Distance Carriers
    Long distance phone service for homes and businesses.
  • Low Airfares
    Discount airlines, airline tickets, air travel rates, quotes, and reservations.
  • Nanotech Companies
    Representative nano tech research and development firms.
  • Payroll Processing
    Payroll software, benefits services, and human resources solutions.
  • Real Estate Companies
    Real estate agencies, real estate listings, and commercial real estate firms.
  • Surveillance Equipment
    Surveillance cameras, security equipment, and surveillance systems.
  • Website Advertising
    Website advertising, web site marketing, and site promotion services and tools.
  • Wireless Plans
    Compare wireless plans and cell phone service plans.

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