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art gallery A painting by an artist, music performed by a pianist, a piece of poetry, or a gourmet dish presented by a famous chef are all included in a branch of culture called "the arts."  The arts have contributed to human enjoyment since the dawn of recorded history.

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Art is defined as the use of imagination and skill to create aesthetic objects, experiences, or environments that people can share.  While the term "art" usually refers to visual art, the arts, in a cultural sense, include several modes of expression such as visual arts, performing arts, language arts, and culinary arts.  They may be further divided into areas such as architecture and design, painting and drawing, and still photography and video, as well as language and literature, and music and dance.

  • Visual art can be seen.  Whether it is fine art, interior design, photography, crafts, or architecture, the end product can be viewed.  Much of it is for personal enjoyment, but art may be displayed at museums or art galleries for viewing by the general public.
  • Performing art is performed by an artist.  It usually includes the arts of music, dance, or drama, and may involve attendance at concerts, dances, plays, or the opera.
  • Culinary arts are related to cooking and kitchens.  Skillfully preparing and presenting food is a large part of culinary art.
  • Language arts involve the skill of reading, speaking, dramatics, spelling, and composition.  People read to gather information and knowledge, or for personal enjoyment, while the art of composition may be used to write literary works or essays.

Arts councils are non-profit organizations that strive to promote the arts through various means, and there are also various groups that seek to promote particular branches of the arts.  In the United States, the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) is the national arts council.  The NEA co-ordinates its activities with the various state and local arts councils.

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On this site, you can learn about the arts and find information about the fine arts, digital photography, and arts and crafts.  You can also find art colleges as well as suppliers of graphic arts products and musical instruments.

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