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sports balls Sports are competitive or recreational pursuits that require a degree of physical strength or skill.  Sports include organized games, in which the results are scored, as well as outdoor recreational activities such as hunting, fishing, and hiking.  The sports balls featured in this photo are displayed on a black background.

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Team sports are those in which one team of players opposes another group of players with the common objective of achieving victory; individual sports are those in which players achieve victory based on individual merit.  Professional team sports are played according to seasonal schedules.  For example, Major League Baseball is played during the months of April through October, pro football is played from September through January, and basketball is played indoors during the cold weather months.

Outdoor sporting activities are often pursued when climatic conditions are suitable.  For instance, snow skiing and ice fishing are popular during the cold winter months while water skiing and surfing are enjoyable during the warm summer months.  Many outdoor enthusiasts like to go hiking, camping, and hunting during Autumn, when the weather is temperate and the leaves are changing colors.

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For an in-depth look at American sports news, visit Yahoo Sports.  For information about sports equipment suppliers in the USA, visit this extensive sporting goods manufacturer directory.  For information about specific sports and their equipment requirements, visit the Chosen Sites resources listed below.

  • Baseball Gloves
    Baseball gloves, bats, gear, apparel and equipment.
  • Boat Builders
    Boat manufacturers, boat builders and boating accessories.
  • Bowling Balls
    Bowling balls, bowling shoes, bowling bags and accessories.
  • Camping Tents
    Camping and hiking tents and equipment, outdoor gear, and backpacks.
  • Fishing Reels
    Learn about freshwater and saltwater fishing reels.
  • Fishing Tackle
    Fishing rods, reels, lures, and accessories for anglers.
  • Fly Rods
    Find fly fishing gear and tackle, fly rods and fly reels.
  • Golf Balls
    Golf clubs, golf equipment, golf balls and pro shops.
  • Hockey Gear
    Ice hockey skates, pucks, helmets, sticks and gear.
  • Horse Tack
    Equestrian saddles, bridles, and horseback riding apparel.
  • Inline Skates
    Rollerblades, roller skates, ice skates and protective gear.
  • Scuba Equipment
    Scuba equipment and diving gear plus snorkeling masks and fins.
  • Ski Equipment
    Alpine skis, cross country skis and ski equipment.
  • Ski Resorts
    Guide to North American skiing and snowboarding destinations.
  • Sports Equipment
    Comprehensive sports equipment information website.
  • Spotting Scopes
    Spotting scopes, binoculars, night vision scopes and telescopes.
  • Surf Shops
    Surfboards, surfing gear and apparel, and beachwear.
  • Tennis Rackets
    Guide to tennis racket technologies and tennis equipment suppliers.
  • Wetsuits
    Scuba diving and surfing wetsuits, hoods, and booties.

Sports Resources

  • Sports Video Portfolio
    An overview of individual sports and team sports as well as several sports-themed videos can be found on this page.

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