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vintage automobile An automobile, also known as a passenger car, is a road vehicle with four wheels and a motor.  The invention of steam-powered road vehicles during the late 18th century led to a whole new way of traveling.  Late in the 19th century, inventors in Europe and America developed "horseless carriages," powered by internal combustion engines.  Early cars were expensive and primitive, but they gave people freedom to travel more widely without the need to care for horses.

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Cars were especially helpful in the cities where it was difficult to maintain a barn or carriage house, and they relieved the need to base travel plans on train and trolley schedules.  Over the years, after Henry Ford and others applied mass-production techniques to automobiles, gasoline-powered cars became widely available and their prices came down so that, today, most people in the United States drive some type of road vehicle.  Automobiles now run with computerized efficiency, and many of them feature GPS devices that direct drivers to their destinations.

Every year, automobile manufacturers showcase new features, styles, and colors on their vehicle lineups.  Ranging from small sedans to large SUVs and pick-up trucks, motor vehicles are available for every consumer taste.  And automotive companies continually strive to make their products safer and more fuel efficient.  With the high cost of fuel and clean environment laws, the challenges are greater than ever.

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Here you can research and find information about virtually every vehicle make and model.  Whether you are looking for a car dealer or parts and service for your automobile, checking out auto insurance quotes or auto warranty options, or adding accessories to your SUV, these Chosen Sites™ resources are sure to have the information you need.

  • ATV Accessories
    All terrain vehicle manufacturers, parts, and accessories.
  • Auto Body Parts
    OEM and aftermarket auto body parts and auto body kits.
  • Auto Insurance Companies
    Auto insurance quotes and an auto insurance company directory.
  • Auto Parts Stores
    Auto parts stores offer automotive parts and accessories.
  • Auto Warranties
    Auto warranties - extended warranties for new and used vehicles.
  • Bike Racks
    Roof racks, trunk racks, hitch racks, bike hangers, cargo cases, and panniers.
  • Car Buying
    Auto reviews, automobile ratings, and car buying tips and information.
  • Car Rental Companies
    Auto rentals, car rental quotes, and rental car reservations.
  • Car Rims
    Alloy wheels, custom automobile wheels and rims, and car rims and tires.
  • Maps And Directions
    Road maps, online maps, driving directions, and trip planning.
  • RV Supplies
    Recreational vehicle manufacturers and RV supplies and accessories.
  • SUV Accessories
    Sport utility vehicle parts, accessories, and safety information.

Automotive Resources

  • Society of Automotive Engineers
    Global technology information and standards-setting resource for automotive design, manufacturing, operation, and maintenance.
  • Automobile News
    Aggregated automobile-related news, in the form of news headlines, summaries, and article references from multiple news sources.
  • Automotive News
    Source of automotive industry news, data and understanding for auto industry executives, vehicle manufacturers, OEM suppliers and franchised dealers.
  • Automotive Products Manufacturer Directory
    Directory of automotive product manufacturers and distributors in the USA. All directory entries include contact information, category tags, and website links.
  • Automotive Video Portfolio
    An automotive industry overview and several automotive-themed videos can be found on this page.

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